The easiest way to use NFTs for anything.

From no code to low code, from marketing campaigns to apps and games, idexo simplifies the user experience by putting the experience first and working back to the technology.

Strategic investors, partners and integrations

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How to leverage NFTs for any industry

A Simplified Experience

No code

Use a web user interface to build NFT community campaigns, games, applications, marketplaces and more.

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Low code

Access key blockchain features with just an API key and few lines of code.

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What people are saying about idexo

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The $IDO ('I do') Token

The $IDO token provides mechanisms to incentivize the ongoing core team and community development of the roadmap

The Whitepaper

Learn more about the vision behind the idexo project and the $IDO token.

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Learn more about the token supply and distribution of the $IDO token

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View details about the first $IDO general staking pool

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