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  • Starter


    Get Started
    • API key and transaction dashboard
    • Tx Credits @ starter rate for use on any chain
    • NFT Creator
    • Soulbound Tokens
    • Smart Contracts Organizer
    • Zapier integration connecting over 5000 Web2 Apps to Web3
    • Project Creator
    • Unlimited NFT / SBT mints
    • Unlimited Smart Contracts
    • 2 Users Included
    • Self-Serve and Email Support
  • Growth


    Get Started
    • Everything in FREE ++
    • 50 Tx Credits included for use on any chain
    • Extra Tx Credits @ growth rate
    • NFT Marketing Software Growth
    • Custom-Branded UI Portal Growth
    • NFT Surveys
    • Token Gating
    • Unlimited NFT / SBT mints
    • Unlimited Smart Contracts
    • 5 Users Included
    • Self-Serve, Live Chat, Zoom and Email Support
  • Professional


    Get Started
  • Enterprise


    Get Started
    • Everything in Professional ++
    • Tx Credits @ enterprise rate
    • Premium SDK
    • Private SDK
    • Managed Self-Hosted UI Option
    • Custom Apps
    • Advance UI Customization available
    • Enterprise Training
    • Unlimited NFT / SBT mints
    • Unlimited Smart Contracts
    • Unlimited Users Included
    • Self-Serve, Live Chat, Zoom, Email and Monthly Dedicated Hours Support
    • On-Site Training, Ultimate Account Support, Onboarding Consulting and Customization

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do transaction credits work?

    Transaction credits are purchased for different bundle costs and are included at different levels of monthly plans. These credits can be used directly or to purchase specific transaction method types on different chains. Transaction credits or method credits are used to pay for blockchain transactions instead of gas and enable predictable cost and business models. Ultimately it is gas used to perform the transaction however the transaction credit model abstracts this complexity out and swaps in the gas needed at transaction run time.

  • How can I determine the best plan that suits my needs?

    Review the available information above and we are available for direct support to answer any questions and choose the best plan for you.

  • Is there a trial available?

    Yes, we offer a 1-week trial. This gives time to try out major parts of the software and SDK / API. The trial comes with a limited number of transaction credits though more can be purchased for use during the trial.

  • What support is offered?

    Depending on the plan, idexo offers community self-serve, email, chat, phone, Zoom, remote and on-site training, onboarding, consulting and customization support.