Create NFT transactions in 1 line of code on multiple blockchains

Use a simplified SDK and API that abstracts out all of the complexities and makes integrating web2 with web3 and NFTs easy.

The Easiest Way To Create and Integrate NFTs For A Variety Of Use Cases

Access a library of smart contracts and methods connected to an ever-growing listed of integrated blockchains and services.

Deploy Smart Contracts And Mint NFTs From The Command Line Using A Simple Low Code SDK / API

It takes minutes to download, install and use the SDK to create and use smart contracts on a variety of blockchains such as Avalanche, BNBChain, Dogechain, Ethereum, Fantom, Polygon and Solana.

  • Choose from a variety of different NFT smart contract types to draft and deploy and a variety of blockchains to deploy and mint to.
  • Mint NFTs and use other smart contract methods with simple snippets of code documented on the idexo SDK.
  • Integrate these smart contract calls into any application with the simple API key provided for use with the SDK.

View all deployed smart contracts and available methods in an intuitive dashboard and access easy to understand documentation

Contracts deployed through the idexo SDK are visible in the idexo SaaS app creating a single source of truth and idexo's updated documentation provides simple instructions on how to use the system.

  • View deployed smart contracts in the idexo SaaS up under the Contracts tab feature.
  • View idexo's updated documentation on how to use the SDK to deploy contracts, mint NFTs and use other transaction types from the command line and/or from within any integrated application.
  • Leverage expert training and onboarding consulting and support to set-up your SDK and API integrations to suit your exact use case.

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