Say Goodbye To Long Recruiting And Reviewing - Say Hello To Getting The Job Done Fast

Get your custom smart contract work done fast by the team who wrote key NFT and SBT smart contract innovations.

Work With A Team That Can Leverage An Existing Library Of Contracts And Breadth Of Knowledge To Focus On Your Innovation Needs

Gain access to the out of the box thinking and broad industry experience that knows how to translate desired innovation into well-written smart contract code.

Get Advanced Smart Contracts Built To Match Your Use Case

The idexo developer team combines expert smart contract development with broad industry knowledge.

  • We work with you to understand what you are trying to accomplish and how it fits into a larger system.
  • We create the contracts and built full testing and automation.
  • We do integration testing into the larger system to ensure entire use case is met and adjust if need be.

We Leverage Existing Library Of Smart Contracts To Build Only The Addition You Need

No need to repeat the basics - for most use cases we only need to adapt or expand existing contracts or at least repurpose existing ways of doing things. We only bill development time for the extensions and innovations, not the foundations, cutting down both development time and costs to you.

  • We work with you to define the requirements and relate it to existing work.
  • We build these additions and extensions and in some cases this can require only 1-2 days work, meaning low costs and fast delivery.
  • Easy integration into idexo system unlocks full-stack support for the new contracts.

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What to expect in an idexo demo

Book a Guided Demo

Idexo is here to help you achieve great innovations. On a demo, we cover:

  • Any product features and benefits context you haven't seen from other videos on the site.
  • What you are looking to accomplish and how we can help.
  • The best plan forward and options for plans and pricing.