Gain Insight From Any NFT Community

Create surveys that are restricted to holders of specific NFT or SBT collections and provide rewards for answering.

An Innovative and Community-Friendly Way To Grow Awareness and Engagement

Leverage unique innovation to wow existing audiences, and gain awareness, insight and engagement from targeted communities.

Create Your NFT Survey Contracts In A Simple Intuitive Interface

Provide key details like survey name, description, chain, NFT contracts that can respond, and deposit token.

  • Draft and then confirm questions and answers that get written to the smart contract.
  • Provide users with a hosted and custom-branded User Interface and/or direct link on idexo-branded site (depending on plan) to answer the questions and gain their rewards.
  • Promote your survey across your social media channels and gain interest through this cutting-edge technology.

See All Relevant Survey Analytics and Insights In One Place

Create multiple surveys and view their results, all in one interface.

  • Each survey gains its own module with its own administrative page.
  • All survey controls, results and analytics data is available on its results page.
  • Ability to create multiple surveys within the same project and easily move between them to see their results.
  • Convenient Projects and Modules interface organizes all relevant project tools in one place, keeping surveys aligned with other community and NFT / SBT application features.

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