NFT Templates

Revolutionize NFT Management

Easily synchronize NFTs to your gaming or business product catalogues for minting, upgrading and tracking

Create Metadata Templates

Effortlessly design metadata templates to streamline the creation and management of your NFT assets, ensuring consistency and accuracy across your entire collection.

Mint and Upgrade NFTs Using Template Identifiers

Utilize template identifiers to efficiently mint and upgrade NFTs, automating the process while maintaining control over quality and uniqueness.

Track Sales, Transfers, and Other Activity In A Business-Relevant Way

Gain insights into the performance of your NFTs with comprehensive tracking of sales, transfers, and other activities to make informed decisions and optimize your strategies.

Clone Existing Templates to Rapidly Extend Catalogues

Quickly expand your NFT catalogues by cloning existing templates, allowing for seamless integration and customization without starting from scratch.

NFT Templates UI

Organize Your NFT Templates In A Simple UI

Easily manage your NFT templates with an intuitive user interface, making it straightforward to add, edit, or delete assets while keeping your collection organized.

Create templates through import
Create templates through creation UI
View, edit and organize templates